Elisabeth Irgens

ColdFront 2014

Wonderful new conference in Copenhagen, organized by excellent hosts Kenneth and Daniel. ColdFront was a great opportunity to learn, get new perspectives and meet interesting people. The venue was a grand old cinema, so the background for my sketchbook this time is a carpet in #8b0000.

Coldfront 2014 // Kasper Lund

Kasper Lund works at Google and kicked off the first Coldfront with a talk about Dart: the language, tools and libraries.

Coldfront 2014 // Erik Bryn

Erik Bryn talked about the framework Ember.js and how it will increase productivity on your (ambitious!) web app projects.

Coldfront 2014 // Mathias Buus

Mathias Buus thrilled the audience with streaming BitTorrent.

Coldfront 2014 // Phil Hawksworth

Phil Hawksworth spoke about static site generation and how we can simplify our lives. (Made me want to give Jekyll a try!)

Coldfront 2014 // Nat Buckley

Nat Buckley urged us to stop breaking the web and shared important stuff about accessibility.

Coldfront 2014 // Guillermo Rauch

Guillermo Rauch gave us 7 principles for rich web applications.

Coldfront 2014 // Peter Hedenskog

Peter Hedenskog shared a great talk with ways to increase site performance and how to convince others to care.

Coldfront 2014 // Christian Heilmann

Christian Heilmann held the last talk of the day and sent us all off to continue building the internet.