Elisabeth Irgens

Kerning 2014

A typography conference in Italy?! What’s not to love about this idea? Last autumn I applied for a travel grant to attend Kerning in Faenza. The talks were absolutely wonderful and surprisingly varied on the topic of typography. I had fun with my notebook and pens as usual.

Kerning 2014 // sketchnotes

My sketchnotes are a bit different at this conference. I wanted to focus more on the slides and not be looking down too much, so I was writing less that I usually do – and did four talks on one page.

Kerning 2014 // sketchnotes

These two are the photos from my phone that I took there and then. I like that the background is the floor of the conference venue, or in this case: the ground in the courtyard outside. But most importantly, if I started to scan the notes when I get home, it’s too tempting to start correcting stuff and adding more.

Thanks to Grafill for the grant to attend this conference!