Elisabeth Irgens

Saving for Something Special

Earlier this year, I was taking @RellyAB’s online writing class. The task on day two was to stock up on pens and notebooks, but with an exception for people like me:

If you are already a stationary hoarder, and especially if you don’t use things for fear of messing them up, grab the best and shiniest one you have and write a grocery list in it and then tear it out. It is no longer ‘perfect’ and you can use it just how you need to.

I was shocked. What kind of hellish boot camp had I signed up for? Brutal! Brrruuuuutal task!

Hello. My name is Elisabeth and I am a stationary hoarder. I love buying notebooks, but what super special writing I am saving them for has forever been a mystery.

Notebook from China

Beijing (2006)

This squared notebook with wonderful brown paper is a souvenir from my first trip to China. I also bought calligraphy brushes and ink that I have yet to try. I am saving them too.

Rescued Paper Notebook

Oslo (2009)

Printed paper folded double with the unprinted side out, so you can just make out foreign languages in typefaces you’ve never seen before. It’s quite magical and I have no clue what I could do that would be special enough to ever use it.

Pac-Man Moleskine

Dubrovnik (2011)

This was the first time I had seen a branded Moleskine and Pac-Man is the arcade game I remember best from childhood. A perfect notebook to save for something special! (The plastic wrapping was first removed to take this photo now.)

Notebook from Cartoleria Pantheon

Rome (2010)

The best and shiniest one of them all, I found in a proper Italian stationary shop. Marbled hard cover and a ribbon you tie into a bow after having shared your secrets. Except that I have of course never written a single word in it before.

Not just stuff

I do this with everything. Saving for something special, for later, for when I am more deserving of what ever it is. I can have tasks that I quite enjoy, but I will save them for after I have finished all the tasks I dread starting. (Usually not leaving any time during a work day for the pleasant work.) My side projects don’t derail because of procrastination, but because I am saving starting on them for later.


Making progress

I had at some point realized I need to stop buying notebooks. The concept of actually using them – and therefore being able to buy moar notebooks, sounds like a wonderful idea! Lately, I have let myself use new pens straight away. I have practiced using fun tasks as a booster for the ones I dislike. I am making progress.

And just like that, Relly’s advice is applied on my site; with the first post out of the way, I can finally start using it.