Elisabeth Irgens

Web Rebels 2014

One of my favourite new clients of the year has been Web Rebels, a developer conference in Oslo. After working with the design, it was fun to attend the conference myself. I imagined upfront the talks would mostly be way over my head, but I understood a lot more than I thought I would – and learnt a whole lot.

Web Rebels 2014 // Jed Schmidt

Jed Schmidt with the first talk of the conference: “No Man is an APIsland” about libraries and frameworks.

Web Rebels 2014 // Jessica Lord

Jessica Lord made Git-it for teaching Git and GitHub. Yay, this is what I’m doing this summer!

Web Rebels 2014 // Anette Bergo

Anette Bergo got web rebels all ready to rebel and evolve: moving beyond point-and-click.

Web Rebels 2014 // Patrick H. Lauke

Patrick H. Lauke talked about touch and pointer events.

Web Rebels 2014 // Nuno Job

Nuno Job about node performance. I should have drawn a much bigger cat. Ended up drawing a tree instead.

Web Rebels 2014 // Arnout Kazemier

Arnout Kazemier and Transforming WebSockets. More talks should have ghosts in them. Ghosts are easy to draw.

Web Rebels 2014 // Mathias Buus Madsen

Mathias Buus Madsen on BitTorrent, Streams and JavaScript! With lots of mad science.

Web Rebels 2014 // Angus Croll

Angus Croll with “Stop Being Perfect!” Oooh, look. I have a spelling mistake in my sketchnotes. Ha ha!

Web Rebels 2014 // Marijn Haverbeke

Marijn Haverbeke is Seeing Type in JavaScript. (Yeah, this talk was way over my head.)

Web Rebels 2014 // Arne Martin Aurlien

Arne Martin Aurlien about UI components with React and not being too mobile-unfriendly.

Web Rebels 2014 // Mikola Lysenko

Mikola Lysenko with multidimensional arrays for JavaScript. And I tried to draw a baboon mandrill that was an image example in one of the slides.

Web Rebels 2014 // Vyacheslav “Mraleph” Egorov

Vyacheslav “Mraleph” Egorov makes performance so much fun!!

Web Rebels 2014 // Camille Teicheira

Camille Teicheira was very inspiring with her talk on neogeography. I really want to get into making maps now!

Web Rebels 2014 // Parisa Tabriz

Parisa Tabriz gave us a great overview of why we need TLS and how to do it right. Important stuff!

Web Rebels 2014 // James “Substack” Halliday

James “Substack” Halliday and The Ghost of JavaScript Future. (Keep writing crazy things!)

Web Rebels 2014 // Max Ogden

Max Ogden about the framework LEBRON. Last talk at Web Rebels and by this time, my brain was completely fried.

I wasn’t sure how it would work to take notes at this conference, with talks I didn’t fully understand. But even though I wouldn’t be able to recap as much of the talks myself – I still managed to capture soundbites, keywords and add the odd doodle.