Elisabeth Irgens

Booster 2015

It was about time I attended a conference in my hometown Bergen! “A software conference for the whole team” with keynotes, lightning talks in three tracks – and lots of hands-on half-day workshops. No less than seven tracks can make it difficult to pick, but I was happy with my choices.

Booster 2015 // Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman held a lovely keynote with the title “I Want To Be A Web Designer When I Grow Up”. Wonderful stories from his own start in the industry, about Smashing Magazine over the years – and their readers around the world.

Booster 2015 // Lightning Talks

Lightning talks!Making Your Site Printable by Adrian Roselli, Use more paper! by Ram Yoga, 10 Dos And Don’ts For Securing Your Web Application by Hallvar Helleseth, What Tales Does Your Code Tell? by Siv Midtun Hollup.

Booster 2015 // Lightning Talks

More lightning talks!Less, But Better. by Michael Garvey, Programmeringspråket CSS by Stian Møllersen, Material Design by Marius Seim, Smart First, Phones Later by Tin Kadoic.

Booster workshops

I attended three half-day workshops during the conference.

Booster 2015 // Borghild Vikøyr & Wenche Tollevsen

Borghild Vikøyr & Wenche Tollevsen held a coding workshop on building an app with Polymer. I knew this would probably be too technical for me, but even though I couldn’t quite follow the tasks – I found it really interesting and learnt a lot.

Booster 2015 // Fredrik Johnsson

Fredrik Johnsson gave a fun workshop on using para-function to get unexpected results. Lots of laughs this morning.

Booster 2015 // Marius Hauken & Robin Sandborg

Marius Hauken & Robin Sandborg shared their process from prototype to development and blew my mind with awesome tricks. So much stuff I have heard about, but that has been “out of reach” and hard to try learn on my own. Really looking foreward to upping my CSS after this workshop.

Booster 2015 // thanks for having me!

Pre-conf full-day workshop

Vitaly Friedman also had a workshop onresponsive design patterns & front-end techniques. Lots of great performance stuff which I am getting more into these days. And a whole day of sketchnoting…!

Booster 2015 // workshop 1:3 Booster 2015 // workshop 2:3 Booster 2015 // workshop 3:3