Elisabeth Irgens

Here are some favourite projects from my days of being self-employed.

HTML/CSS for Web Rebels

I write HTML and CSS

Designing for the web has always been about CSS for me. I work with concept and rough designs elsewhere — but aim for the browser to rule the pixels. I like using visual effects that are bold but constrained in number, and to not make CSS jump through more hoops than necessary.

Web Rebels (2014–2015) Design and HTML/CSS.


Sketching for Kodemaker

I like sketching and collaborating

In my early days as a designer, I only wanted to work on computers with graphics software. But over the years, I also made friends with paper and pen. These days I use sketching actively when thinking, planning and communicating. I like designing in the open, happy collaboration and including others in my process.

Kodemaker (2014–2015) Web design for developers where my deliverables were sketches, pixel-unperfect mock-ups, and pragmatic ideas for layout and content.


SVG logo for Bergen JS

I am excited about SVG

I have always worked mostly in vector. When wireframing, sketching and designing for web — I have primarily used Adobe Illustrator. This makes me thrilled about the possibilities for SVG on the web. As a coding designer, I can’t wait to do more work where I switch from drawing vectors to hand-coding as needed. (To communicate all this, I am posting a .png — and no, the irony is not lost on me.)

Bergen JS (2015) Contributed with a new logo for a meetup group in my hometown.

Typography and design for Booster

I geek out on typography

Selecting typefaces is one of the most enjoyable tasks I get — but I also take pride in not making licensing and technical implementation an afterthought. I like contemporary type designers, independent foundries and self-hosted web fonts. And if you give me your style sheets (fancy web fonts or not!), I can tweak line-height and font-size for hours on end — so you don’t have to.

Booster (2012–2015) Logo, branding and graphic design with typeface Siri.

Design for Booster Conference